Are You A Snapchat Follower?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks in the world and especially for younger audiences. There are more than 265 million daily active users. Also, Snapchat is one of today’s fastest-growing social media platforms. Users are creating around 3.5 billion Snaps daily. Snapchat isn’t like any other social media platform. It’s a more behind-the-scenes platform; content is natural and unedited, showing real-life activities

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What is the Target Audience in Snapchat?

Snapchat purposefully skews to a younger audience. Because of this reason, brands who are interested in getting sales from people up to 24 years old will have a higher chance of getting good results on Snapchat with proper testing.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean that an older target audience has to be disregarded on the platform. While the vast majority are under 25 means that in this range, the algorithm that runs the social media can optimize with more data.

Simultaneously, advertising for “older” users on Snapchat can be highly cost-effective due to the lack of competition from fellow advertisers. Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34-year-olds in the UAE. If these consumers are part of your target audience, you have to use this tool.

Look at these numbers: The Middle East’s monthly addressable reach has grown to 67 million unique Snapchatters. In addition, Snapchat reaches 60% of 13-24-year-olds in the UAE and 90% of 13-34-year-olds in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, over 85% of MENA daily users interact with Lenses every day.

Hussein Freijeh, GM of Snap Inc. in the Middle East, said, “…our audience is covering more of the demographics – locals in the UAE, Saudi nationals, Kuwaitis, Omanis. It’s one of the most important regions for Snapchat, both on the consumer side and the business side.”

In the past, if you wanted to run Snapchat Ads, you should go through one of their ad partners. Now you can create Snapchat Ads yourself through Snapchat’s tool, Snapchat Ad Manager. That’s why Snapchat is an increasingly attractive platform for advertisers and marketers.

Snapchat offers different types of Ad formats, which help you find the perfect way to reach your audience.


  • Single Image or Video Ads. This Ad is a full-screen ad that we can use for many objectives. Users can swipe up anytime for more — watch a longer video, read an article, install an app, or visit a website.
  • Collection Ads. A Collection Ad features four tappable tiles to showcase multiple products, giving Snapchatters a frictionless way to browse and buy.
  • Story Ads. Story Ads tiles that live in Snapchat’s Discover section.
  • Commercials. Commercials are non-skippable for six seconds but can be up to three minutes long. These ads appear within Snap’s curated content.
  • Filters. Filters show up when you take photos on the app. They are meant more for brick-and-mortar locations or huge live events like sports. Now we cant create Geofilters in the Snapchat Ad Manager. Instead, you can make it online or in the mobile app.
  • Lenses. Like filters, lenses show up on selfie shots, and it is best to reserve for widespread brand-awareness campaigns. For example, Snapchat for Business has launched a new program called Lens Creative Partners. Through this, you can discover certified AR creators to build branded lenses.


*If you’re in the B2B space or a niche-focused industry, this Ad type likely won’t do much for you. 

snapchat instant create add

Creating the ad can be difficult for beginners, but fortunately, Snapchat ads give us two options while creating an ad:

Instantly Create
Advanced Create

Instant Create

Instant Create lets you create your ad without all the advanced targeting options. It’s great for beginners and those who are short on time. I want to show you how to set up ads through Instant Create step by step. First, we can choose how we should create an ad, and then we have to select our advertising goal: website visits, promote the local place, calls & texts, app installs, app visits.


After entering the URL, you can mark an option to import the images from your website to help create ad creatives, and then tap “next.


Create your ad. Enter your business name, headline, description, upload your content, choose the proposed options from your Website, and select a relevant call to action.


Snapchat is a platform with so many engaging opportunities for you to interact with your customers. Nearly 265 million people use the platform daily. Engagement is massive, with people opening the app at least 25 times each day. In addition, businesses of all sizes can advertise on Snapchat for as little as $5 a day. It means you can launch ads on Snapchat, test how the audience engages with your ads, and unlock a new audience without breaking the bank.

In my opinion, the most significant advantage is “The Snap Pixel,” which collects information on actions taken on your website, allowing you to measure campaign impact and optimize. It will enable you to track conversions, build retargeting audiences, and optimize your campaigns. In addition, Snapchat’s Ads Manager dashboard shows everything you need to know. View performance metrics, customize your views, download your reports. With saved and shared reporting views, you can optimize your reporting and collaborate with your team.

Snapchat has the potential for any business to find success. And if your target audience is teenagers and youths, then using Snapchat for business is worth your time. But again, you won’t know with 100% precisely until you test, test, test. In brief, for the best results, stay original and creative and share content you don’t share on your other social media accounts.