Corporate Events

Markable team has more than 30 years of event management experience between us across different industries. We pride ourselves that every single time we deliver what we promised and complete the event successfully.  We learn that businesses organize events for many reasons: to educate, reward, or motivate their employees. Whatever the objective may be, we have an event solution. Below is a short description of the most popular formats for corporate events that the Markable team can assist you with.


These corporate events usually last for a minimum of one day and are used by businesses to provide information to a specific audience. Often used as a tool to educate and motivate attendees, they can also increase collaboration and engage the audience. In the past, Markable has organized many Conferences that often have several keynote speakers and multiple breakout areas, where more in-depth sessions on specific topics occur. From stage designing, venue branding, and registration process, our team is experienced in handling every aspect of this event. Regionally they are a popular format for corporate events as they can be adapted to suit various stakeholders, including employees, customers, resellers, etc. Are you planning an event for your company soon? Get in touch, and our team will help you plan every detail and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Awards & Gala Dinners

These are two different types of corporate events, but they are often held in unison. Awards ceremonies can be used in multiple ways. If organized by a business, they can reward and motivate employees, suppliers, resellers, and customers by providing awards across several categories to recognize achievements. Companies will also regularly sponsor and enter industry awards to promote their business, improve their reputation and increase brand awareness. Breathe new life into your live events by booking a FREE consultation with our events experts today. Gala dinners which usually run alongside awards ceremonies, can also be organized independently for all audience groups. These are a great way to align your brand more closely with guests and communicate a message.

Incentive programs

Incentive programs can often be a combination of event types linked by a teaser campaign and are most commonly targeted at employees and resellers. The one we organized always starts with a sales conference. The sales messages and targets are communicated to the audience, and learn more about the company products and services. One of the great samples of adventures and successful incentive programs was the Veeam event in Lebanon. Click to what's the video.

Launch events

Launch events are pretty self-explanatory and can be as simple or as complex as required. Companies use these events to create hype and generate PR around the launch of something new including, products, services, buildings/offices, etc. We can help you to target a varied audience, customers, press, stakeholders, often mixing an educational experience with a celebration. Markable team use many tactics to raise the profile of these events and extend the reach far beyond those in attendance. If you would like to get to know how check Renault Megans RS launch we did at Dubai Autodrom.


Congresses are a cross between a conference and a trade show and are usually more topic-specific. These events are often reserved for specialists within a field to come to discuss their areas of expertise. Based on our previous experience, we would say that they are a trendy format of the corporate event within the healthcare & pharmaceutical sectors. Pharmaceutical companies will often send their employees to these events for educational and fact-finding purposes. They are also an opportunity for your employees to be seen as thought leaders within their field, so they are a great promotional tool. They often provide opportunities for businesses to exhibit, launch products, and sponsor critical areas. If you would like to hear more and explore all ideas on how we can organize your congress, do not hesitate to contact us.

Team building

Team building activities are typically focused on employees and teams, although there are situations when they can be used for external audiences also. They usually take the format of a challenge, requiring teams to overcome the challenge and deliver a solution. These events also provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment. Team building events are great for employee engagement, building morale, increasing collaboration and motivation. This can be a great idea to welcome them back to the office after many months of working from home and use them as an excellent opportunity to introduce them to new colleagues who recently joined the company. Markable team has more than 30 years of event management experience between us across different industries, and we pride ourselves that every single time we deliver what asked and promised