How do you make an exhibition stand?

Choosing the right exhibition stands to represent your company might appear intimidating but it is definitely a beneficial experience. In other words, for everything to go smooth, a plan needs to be made and followed by each person involved in this project.

To begin with, you need to have an objective to participate in an exhibition, whether it’s to generate awareness, launching a product or for networking. This goal needs to be clear to the visitors who walk by your stand.

Furthermore, if you are exhibiting for the first time or would like to learn more about the process – then, you are in the right place.

Here, we will go through the process using our own 7-step methodology. Take a look into our process, from designing to building exhibition stands following the below timeline.

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Exhibition Stands

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Firstly, great design always starts with a brief. It is a crucial step in the process. Through a clear brief, we conceptualize your vision, mission, and objectives. Consequently, every detail helps our designer visualize an exhibition stand concept that will draw in audience engagement.



Secondly, for design, we refer to the quote “Every great design begins with an even better story.” — Lorinda Mamo. We believe this quote to hold true as our team works together with you to translate your vision into reality. Our designer creates a story-driven design based on your brief that delivers a memorable experience for visitors and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Step 2


Thirdly, estimating & cost planning are procured by our quantity surveyor keeping your budget in mind. We identify the high-costing elements to ensure cost-effectiveness and suggest alternatives without compromising your design concept. Above all, we understand that this is a marketer’s main issue with participating at a trade show and we do our best to alleviate the issue through a value-oriented design that is striking and practical.

Step 3


For the fourth step, our production is all done in cooperation with our partners who have a production facility that is of the highest standard of quality. Our production manager ensures every project is scheduled through a timeline for prompt delivery. A stream of communication between the account and production manager is conducted to ensure a smooth transition into the build-up.

Step 4

Build -up

After that, vehicles are arranged to deliver the stand to the venue, conforming to safety regulations and ensuring all the materials are maintained in proper condition upon arrival. During construction, our team of skilled professionals will proceed to erect the stand under the guidance of our account and production manager who will be on-site to answer any of your questions.

Step 5


Additionally, we dismantle the stand after the exhibition ends, using the same care as constructing it.

Step 6

Disposing & recycling

Finally, following proper waste management protocols by Dubai Municipality, we follow the guidelines in disposing of & recycling the materials used in your stand.

Finish line

We design and build the best exhibition stands!


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