Point of Sale Displays for All Retail Businesses!

Point of sale displays or POS refers to products that are displayed near, next to, or on a transactional purchase area. POS displays are used to trigger a “problem recognition response” and generate impulse purchases.

They are intended to draw the customers’ attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer, and are also used to promote special events, e.g. seasonal or holiday-time sales The most common types of items on a point of sale display are convenience products. Effective point of purchase displays have many advantages in store, and can help both retailers and buyers to love your brand. Point of purchase displays have been shown to increase sales at retail as much as 20 percent!

Thats why, in Markable to each POS project have focused & strategic approach.

Haribo POS

If your shop floor marketing budget is slim, it’s understandable to be hesitant when it comes spending money on displays. But here are 5 display units which are both economical and versatile.

POS display
POS display
Wobbler POS
Dump Bins
Display bins are extremely versatile making them a very cost-friendly option, one that can be used time and time again. Not only are they ideal for discount products, for till point incentives and all shop floor uses, but they are perfect for exhibitions, trade shows and events. Visit Print and Display to see a range of shop floor dump bins.
Countertop Units
Extremely cost effective, these small countertop units are designed for till point sales. Fast moving consumables such as small toiletry items, beauty items or food could be the perfect counter top products to display. You can find examples of good counter displays to help get ideas.
Free Standing Units

Free standing display units are suitable for products that you want to draw attention to. Stocking a new brand of makeup? Selling the latest music CD releases? Whatever the reason for bringing attention to a particular product, a FSDU is a fantastic platform for doing so.

Pallet Displays

Pallet displays are fantastic for popular, fast-moving products. By using a pallet display, you can highlight key products quickly to all store visitors, making it easier for them to find.

POS Wobblers

Point of Sales wobblers are extremely cheap yet very effective. They are the signs which help shoppers make last minute buying decisions. Wobblers are placed on shop shelves or on product displays, making products pop out. Use wobblers to create discount messages or other USPs which may persuade a shopper to purchase.

How Effective Are Point of Purchase Displays in Retail Marketing?

Did you know that 70% of consumers’ purchase decisions are still made in-store?According to a survey by CreditCards.com, “Eighty-four percent of poll respondents say they’ve made an impulse purchase at some time, and 77% in the past three months.”Sales from signs with displays outperformed those without displays by 20%.Regularly priced items with signage outperformed clearance items, without signage, by 18%.Signs which were part of a display drew customer attention and were 70% more likely to be purchased. Research on eye-tracking has shown that 13% of eye fixations in-store are related to point-of-purchase signs — this a significant amount of visual real estate.

Ran out of ideas?

Let Markable customize the right plan with innovative POS schemes for your company.Displays we design and produce will attract your audience and allow them to engage with your products effectively.

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