Email Marketing – Why Good Design is so Important?

Good email design catches the reader’s eye. Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing tactics, and this tool is still one of the most substantial content marketing available to businesses. Whatever news you have to share about your business, emails are among the best ways to do it. To maximize the effectiveness of […]

We Have a New Website!

As a team, we at Markable decided this year will be amazing! Based on what? Our energy, passion for what we do, and new members with great potential joined us recently. We also decided it is time for a new, fresh look on our website to accompany our vision. After months of hard work and dedication, […]

Email Marketing Is Still The Most Relevant Digital tool!

Since 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email ever, marked the beginning of the modern communication era, every aspect of businesses life has changed. With that marketing too. It starts with Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp. Couple of years after the email was launched, he was the one to send the […]