Samer Zeineddine

Managing Director

Samer is our managing director here at Markable.

On the weekend you can find him spending time with his family or ripping the desert’s enormous dunes in his 4×4.

His two favorite quotes are “If you can dream it, you can do it” and “Everyone has a future… Some people plan theirs”.

Monja Uzunovic

Business Development Manager

Monja manages all business development for Markable.

She’s passionate for Social Media and Women’s Rights as she’s a member of the Business Women Council in Dubai.

Did we mention that she’s a mommy to two furry monsters – Ash & Tito.

Her motto is “Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.”

Toufic Jamaleddine

Sales Manager

Toufic is Markable’s sales manager. For some years now, he’s been smashing sales targets non-stop. He’s also the calmest person you can ever meet.

On the weekends he’s either camping with his family or just sitting back at home and watching the game.

Valeriia Brodnikova

Senior Sales Executive

Valeriia organizes all things related to events like sales meetings, client conferences, exhibitions…you name it!

You can sometimes find Val at sunrise meditating and doing yoga in one of Dubai’s nature parks.
Oh! And did we tell you that she bakes the most delicious cakes & muffins in Dubai?

Sravan Goud

Senior Graphic Designer

Sravan is our senior graphic designer, from 3D Modelling to eye-catching visuals, he can design almost anything your mind can imagine.

After work, or sometimes during, you can find him practicing his cricket pitch or just kicking it back and vibing to music from around the world.

Shimna Sittu

Account Executive\ Sales Support

Shimna is our sales support executive, she’s the kindest and most loving person you’ll ever meet.
Her loving and nurturing character is what makes the entire Markable team feel at home.


Subair Valappil


Subair is part of our logistics team. He handles our marketing materials and every other thing between the cracks.
On the weekdays he’s a family and working man.
On the weekends he’s the life of the party.
His motto is “Work hard, party harder”

Asoka Tilakaratne


Asoka is also part of our logistics team, he ensures that every physical detail of our corporate event is delivered accurately and promptly. He’s a shrewd negotiator with incredible attention to detail. He also happens to have one of the best cricket pitches in the UAE, it’s even better than Sravan’s pitch.


Catherine Canlas Pantig

Admin Executive

Catherine is Markable’s admin executive. She’s our company’s forefront and ensures the smoothness of all our operations. For fun, Catherine loves to cook for her family and spend time with them as family is her most important value.


Ali Hariri

Digital Marketing Executive

Ali is our digital marketing executive, having a bachelor’s in marketing and minor in psychology makes his insights extremely valuable. In the office he’s always snacking on something and listening to music while writing. His favorite quote is “Manifest destiny”.


Kareem Abdo

Senior Sales Executive

Kareem is Markable’s sales executive.
His love for meeting and talking to people from around the world makes him great at what he does.

Music and jogging are Kareem’s two favorite things.

“If not now then when, if not you then who” is a quote that Kareem goes by everyday.

Tanya Chertok

Digital Marketing Executive

Tanya is our digital marketing executive.
She turned her passion for design and Social Media into a career even after getting a Master’s Degree in Law.

She loves to spend her free time actively and efficiently that’s why you can find her in the gym or in the squash court.

Her favorite quotes are “A smile is the powerful weapon” and “Good is the enemy of great”.